Research your Mover
Use only Registered Movers
Make sure the mover you select has been assigned a USDOT number, is registered with FMCSA to engage in interstate transportation of household goods, and has the proper level of insurance.
You can determine if a mover is registered at the

Read and Understand All Information Provided by the Mover
The estimate should be clearly describe in writing, all charges for services the mover will perform. Make sure the estimate is signed by the mover

Order for Service
The order for service is a list of all the services the mover will perform and shows the dates your household goods will be picked up and delivered.

Bill of Lading
The bill of lading is a contract between you and the mover and a receipt for your belongings.

Inventory List
The inventory is the receipt showing each item you shipped and it’s condition. Be sure you receive a written copy of the inventory after your household goods are loaded and that you agree with its description of your household goods’ condition.