Important Points to Remember.

1. Movers must give written estimates.

2. Movers may give binding estimates.

3. Non-binding estimates are not always accurate; actual charges may exceed the estimate.

4. If your mover provides you with any partially complete document for your signature, you should verify the document is as complete as possible before signing it.
Make sure that the document contains all relevant shipping information, except the actual shipment weight and any other information necessary to determine the final charges for all services performed.

5. You may request from your mover the availability of guaranteed pickup and delivery dates.

6. Be sure you understand the movers responsibility for loss or damage, and request an explanation of the difference between valuation and actual insurance.

7. You have the right to be present each time your shipment is weighed.

8. You may request a reweigh of your shipment.

9. If you have a non-binding estimate, you should confirm with your mover in writing the method of payment at delivery as cash, certified check, cashier’s check,money order or credit card.

10. You should seek estimates from at least three different movers.

You can find a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration here. Rights and Resposibilities

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