Why Store Through Your Moving Company?

Storing your items with the company that you’re moving with provides the following benefits.

1. Convenience

Perhaps the greatest advantage of completing this process with a single company is convenience. If you work with separate companies, you must coordinate with the moving team and with the storage facility. You have to make a more detailed schedule to ensure your items arrive on time.

You will also have to work within the parameters of two sets of item storage restrictions rather than one. When you store with a reputable moving company, you already know most of the policies and already have most of the resources you’ll need.

Combining these services allows you to keep track of one contract, estimate, and timeline rather than two or three.

2. Expert Assistance

When you store with a different company than you move with, you may be responsible for unloading your belongings, organizing them within the storage unit, and even reloading them into the truck.

If you choose to store and move with the same company, any packing or unpacking of the items into  storage can be handled by experienced professionals.

3. Peace of Mind

When you work with multiple companies, you have to vet each business individually. If you have found a moving company that you trust that also offers storage options, storing with your mover saves you the trouble and anxiety of finding a reputable storage company.

If you need to put some of your belongings aside in a secure space during the moving process, consider entrusting your possessions to the moving company that’s already handling them.

Local storage facilities work best for those who need frequent access to their belongings before delivery to your new address.

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