When you face an upcoming move, one of the most important decisions you make is whether to undertake the transition yourself or partner with a professional moving company. Generally, homeowners who choose to DIY their moves rent a moving truck to transfer their belongings.

There are many advantages available to you when you choose to transport your belongings through a reputable moving company rather than loading them into a truck you plan to drive yourself.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of entrusting your belongings to an experienced mover rather than driving them to your new home yourself is how much easier this decision makes your transition. Rather than planning all the logistics yourself, from rental pickup to route to rental return, you can focus on other aspects of the move.

With movers you have the opportunity to shorten your travel time. This is because trucks are often restricted to lower speeds and inexperienced drivers may operate trucks below these speeds.
Additionally, partnering with a moving company will allow you to change your method of travel for fun or for efficiency. For example, you could plan a road trip or book a flight rather than just driving straight to your new home.

The flat rate for renting a truck is often lower than the estimate for a move, but this initial number can be deceptive. On top of the rental rate, you will likely be responsible for gas and mileage. Additionally, you could be held financially responsible for any damage to the truck.

When you work with a mover, you have an idea of your end costs immediately and may receive personalized recommendations to make the transition more cost-effective. You may even be able to incorporate other services you need, like packing, insurance or short-term storage.

If you’ve ever switched from driving a compact car to an SUV, you know that operating a larger vehicle comes with many challenges. Many drivers struggle to confidently operate moving vehicles, especially trucks that qualify as semis.

The movers who drive trucks have specific training and countless hours of experience in various road conditions. They are prepared for what they may face while shipping your belongings, whether that outlook includes heavy traffic or inclement weather.

In many cases, choosing a mover increases your personal safety as well as the safety of your possessions along the way.

Trite as the saying may be, accidents can happen. Compensating for potential accidents can reduce the risk of surprise moving costs. When you put your belongings into a moving company vehicle, those items mostly likely fall under policy protections if they’re damaged while on the road.

When you get on the road yourself, you do not have any inherent protections against item damage or loss.

In many cases, moves that require use of a truck also necessitate use of a map. Planning your route to an unfamiliar location can be difficult, especially if you have never driven that way in a vehicle like the one you’ll be moving in. You could encounter delays due to truck speed regulations, low clearance or truck route detours.

The resources and experience of professional movers enable these drivers to predict more of the potential issues along the route. In many cases, moving companies can provide you with an accurate window of time when you can expect delivery of your items. If you drive yourself, every other aspect of your move may have to wait on any transportation delays.

In addition to general item protection, professional movers can also provide specialty transportation. For example, items such as pianos need special care during transportation.

Many types of artwork, large furnishings, instruments and sensitive items may also need particular care during the shipping process. When you consult with your movers, they have the opportunity to make plans for these specialty items to better safeguard them against damage.

When you handle your own transportation, you may not know the vulnerabilities of all your possessions or have the resources to properly protect these items from temperature fluctuations, moisture, impact and other common threats found on the road.

As your move approaches, even if you plan to handle all packing on your own, you should still consider choosing professional moving transportation in order to reap the benefits listed above.