Wheaton’s studies show that many customers of rental trucks or portable storage and moving containers, for example, end up using those services because they believe that full service moving is simply too expensive. In most cases, that’s simply not true. In fact, it’s often just the opposite, particularly when you consider the whole concept of do-it-yourself.

Within only a few hundred dollars difference, many customers can hire a full service moving company, like Wheaton and its agents across the country, to perform a top quality move. That includes moving all the furniture and cartons out of a home or apartment at origin, onto the moving van, and then off the moving van and into the new home. So…your friends will thank you, profusely.

In addition, there’s some recourse if things don’t go exactly as planned. If you break your own vase, you are, as they say, SOL. If a full service moving company breaks your vase, you always have a minimum level of protection that offers you some value for your items. If you elect to increase your Replacement Value Protection (RVP) to full coverage, you’ll pay a little more up-front but you’re protected even further.

But that’s not all. Depending on your budget and the value of your time – and your spine – your full service movers can also help you pack your items for relocation before the moving van ever arrives. Again, packing isn’t free. But when you consider the time and effort that it takes to ensure your prized possessions are packed properly so they won’t break in-transit, it may be worth exploring. Even if you decide to pack yourself, Wheaton has some great information on how to pack items for transport – especially delicate items like China and crystal.

Bottom line? Before you decide that the do-it-yourself route is the way to go, at least talk to a full service mover and get an in-home estimate. We offer in-home estimates at no charge and with no obligation. We’ll be happy to do it and leave behind packing information and tips for saving money even if you decide to do it on your own. Please keep in mind; we’re not authorized to provide lessons on how to drive the rental truck