It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving into a five story mansion or an apartment on the fifth floor, relocation comes with more than it’s share of expense. Extra costs are the last thing you need on top of the anxiety of moving. All Brunswick Van Lines would like to help ease the stress by offering some creative approaches to your upcoming move and ways to cut weight and cost.

Create a floor plan of your new residence and create a diagram of the room using your furniture. If it doesn’t fit on paper, it won’t fit when you arrive.

1. Ignore the “I might use this someday” when packing items. If you haven’t used it in a long time, you most like won’t use it again.

2. Plan for plants. Check with your mover. It’s illegal to bring many plants into many states. Even if it is possible, it may not be sensible. Large outdoor planters, should have dirt removed. Dirt is not cheap to move.

3. CD’s & DVD’s Hundreds of DVD’s and CD’s can make for a heavy box. Go through your collection and eliminate what you do not use.

4. Kids’ toys – Clean out the toy box. If the kids are old enough, give them incentive. Let them have their own garage sale and keep the profits to buy
something special after you have moved.

5. Food – Frozen foods can not be shipped, so eat up. Consume canned goods and food staples, and don’t replenish them.

6. Tools – The workshop is full of bulky, heavy items. Evaluate each carefully and decide if it’s advantageous to replace them when you get to your new home.

7. The swing set – You will probably come out ahead if your replace it rather than move it.

8. Firewood -sell or give your remaining firewood away.

9. Pool Table – A pool table requires extra costs and special handling. To save money your best shot may be sell it and then replace it at your new destination.

10. Pianos – Pianos need special handling and should be tuned after the move. If they are an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, then move them.

11. Flammables
– Do not move flammables under any condition. Empty fuel from lawnmowers and power tools. You can not take paints, bleach, cleaning fluids, lighter fluids,
matches, ammunition, aerosol cans or any other type of combustible. Propane tanks can not be loaded on a moving truck.

12. Appliances – consider the age of your appliances. They are heavy items that may require special installation after the move. If your appliance won’t fit or match in
your new home, it may be a good idea to start new.

13. Shelving Systems – If you have a built in shelving system, leave it. New owners won’t appreciate holes in the wall where the shelves use to be.

14. From flag poles to basketball hoops – Sell them with the house and save yourself time and money.

15. Books – Condense your library as much as possible. If moving long distance perhaps investigate the cost of mailing treasured volumes as compare to moving them. Special
postage rates are available for books and might save you money.

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